18 Oct 2017

Halloween Grusome Brew Luminary from Simply Crafty SVGs 3D Beer Glass File

Hello, Janet here with a Halloween project using another amazing cutting file from Simply Crafty SVGs. There are many fantastic Halloween designs in the shop, but I decided that I'd transform the 3D Beer Glass into a gruesome brew luminary, complete with eyeballs, green foam, and led lights.  I've included details on how you can make this 'brew' for yourself. I used a Silhouette Cameo® 3, but the SVG files used for the glass can be utilised with other desktop die cutting machines (details here).

White Cardstock
Green Paper
Glow-in-the-dark Sticker Paper
Scraps of Coloured Paper and Card
Beacon 3-in-1 Glue
Distress Ink in Walnut Stain
Distress Oxide Ink in Distressed Pistachio
Bubbles Embossing Folder
Manual Embossing/Die-cutting Machine
Silhouette Cameo
Multi-coloured LED Light String
Drinking Straw with Firework Frill

The Faux Glass Base

Cut the base pieces from white cardstock and the panels from green paper. Make an offset of the base pieces and cut them from vellum.

Before assembling, darken the bottom edge of the green panels to represent sediment in the glass.

Curl the base pieces before attaching the green panels.  Align the vellum pieces and bend over the right edge and adhere it on the underside of the panel with clear craft glue on the right edge only.

Before securing the vellum on the other edges add eyeballs and vellum circles. For the circles I used vellum left over from another project which had been 'smooshed' with Distress Oxide Inks.

Make eye balls with circles cut from glow-in-the-dark sticker paper, with smaller circles adhered on top (white card could be substituted). Draw on red veins to the eyeballs if desired.

Continue to assemble the base as directed in the designer's instructions.

The Green Foam

Since the completed base is thicker because of the extra vellum layer, enlarge the lid pieces slightly to compensate (base pieces and panels).

To allow light to shine though the top, add a large circular hole to the top of the lid on both lid pieces with sufficient width to cover the tabs. Cut from white cardstock.

Cut the panels from vellum. Duplicate the 10-sided shape adding a smaller hole to allow the straw to pass through. Cut that from vellum.

Emboss all the vellum pieces with a bubble embossing folder.

Tint the pieces with Cracked Pistachio Distress Oxide Ink.  Adhere them to the main lid piece and assemble the lid.

Additional Decorations

Add a dangling spider to the side of the glass.

Attach small black bats and glow-in-the-dark bubbles to the ends of the firework frill on the straw. 

To Finish
Add a battery-operated white or coloured LED light string. (My lights were bundled with blue and green lights at one end and red and orange lights at the other, I left them bundled as they were).

Turn on the lights, put the lid on, and insert the straw.


I displayed the brew with a 'Drink me if you dare' sign in a black bracket-shaped frame, a layered green paper and vellum background, and words in black sign vinyl.

I think this will make a great addition to my Halloween display this year.

Bye for now,
Janet, DT Member Simply Crafty SVGS

Simply Crafty SVG Files:
Beer Glass

Files for Accompanying Stand:
3D Bracket Shaped Frame by Lori Whitlock  
Drink Me Phrase by Rhonna Farrer

16 Oct 2017

Big Birthday Card for Important Birthdays

Hiya,  Over on the Silhouette UK Blog today I'm sharing a HUGE Birthday card for an important birthday. I've used a very versatile accordion card design from the Silhouette Design Store; the Expanding Birthday Candle Card by Marji Roy.

It is a fantastic design for important birthdays, as it can include a candle for every year of the birthday person's age. This is done by adding whole 'pages' of eleven candles, and then trimming away the flames of the surplus candles.

It was the perfect card to take along to a combined birthday party I've been to recently - a 130th Birthday. Perfect, that is, except for the number of candles required. It was the ideal opportunity to use adhesive-backed cardstock, a real time-saver!  In my post I've shared loads of additional tips including how to further personalise the card design.

For the special sentiment I used the Sweet Pea Sketch font and a green/blue glitter pen from the Silhouette Sketch Pen Starter Set.

The finished card was pretty BIG, but a fun card to give for a BIG birthday!

7 Oct 2017

Glow in the Dark Mug with the FREE "Boo!" file from the Silhouette Design Store

Hiya! Today I'm bringing you a quick project using the FREE design of the week from the Silhouette Design Store.

I used the BOO! file by Silhouette.  It is free until a new free file is posted on Tuesday 11th October 2017. The SVG version is free too, so it can be used with other software and cutting machines.

This file is a regular cut file, and the parts can be ungrouped and cut separately.

I decided to decorate a mug using the word "BOO!", cut from glow in the dark vinyl. This is usually used for wall and door decals, but it works fine as a temporary decoration on this Halloween-themed mug.

Supplies Used

Silhouette Glow in the Dark Vinyl
Silhouette Transfer Tape
Black Mug (mine was from Tesco)

I reduced the size of the parts to about 7cm to fit easily on one side of the mug, and deleted the cobwebs and dots.

The glow in the dark vinyl cuts like regular sign vinyl, and I used the suggested settings with the AutoBlade in my Silhouette Cameo 3, then removed the unwanted vinyl and transferred the remainder to the surface of the mug with transfer tape, just like regular vinyl.

In bright light the vinyl shows as white with a slight greenish hue. When the lights are turned out the vinyl glows.  The better the quality and intensity of light, the brighter and longer lasting the glowing effect lasts.

This is a fun, seasonal item to make for Halloween events, and the vinyl can later be removed so that the mug can re-decorated for another occasion.

Have you made anything that glows in the dark this year?

5 Oct 2017

Make Wine Glass Charms with Silhouette Shrink Plastic

Hiya, I have a tutorial on how to design and make wine glass charms from Silhouette Shrink Plastic on the Silhouette UK Blog today.

I describe how to design the charms in the Silhouette Studio software and how to cut them with a Silhouette Cameo 3.  The post includes instructions on how to shrink and assemble them.

The charms were designed using the Leaf Sprig Garland Border by Nic Squirrell and the Sweet Pea font by Rivka Wilkins.

It includes lots of additional hints and tips such as how to edit names and titles whilst retaining the chosen formatting, and ideas on how to individualise each charm.

For the tutorial I made wedding wine charms but they could be made for any occasion: parties, family gatherings, and other celebrations.

They turned out great, and I hope you'll try them too.

29 Sep 2017

Layered Vinyl Rudolph with Sanqunetti Design NEW Cutting File

I've seen a lot of lovely examples of decorated acrylic shapes, but I hadn't got around to decorating my own until now.  The release of Sanqunetti Design's new Reindeer SVG file was the perfect opportunity to use them for the first time.

I also wanted to use the beautiful rose gold permanent vinyl from Crafty Cutter for the body. I have both the plain and the glitter, but opted to use the glitter for this project.

For the first design I used a 74 mm round acrylic blank from Acrylic Crafts to make a tree decoration for a new baby.  

I opened the outline of the acrylic blank (downloadable from the Acrylic Craft website) into the Silhouette Studio software as well as the reindeer design and then re-sized the image to fit on to the blank.

I enlarged the whites of the eyes just slightly as they were just a smidgen too small to manage at this reduced size. I used Ed's Market Regular font to type the letters and numbers separately then dragged the text-to-path button on the name to a circle, centred but smaller than the outside of the blank.

I used three small pentagon shapes as guides to help align the layers and use the hole and the circular outline the size of the acrylic blank as placement guides.  I duplicated the whole thing for each colour and deleted the unwanted parts. I coloured them so that it was easier to keep track of the pieces. 

Once I'd cut out the vinyl in all four colours I trimmed them to squares close to the circles with scissors. Then I weeded the unwanted parts on each circle leaving the circle outline. 

I first transferred the body piece on transfer tape to a blank that I'd cleaned with alcohol. Then I layered up the remaining pieces onto the used piece of transfer tape starting with the white bits. On this design is doesn't matter which colour is next, red or dark brown, as neither overlap each other. It is then easy to remove the stacked pentagons once the layers are all on the transfer sheet. I just flicked them away with my fingernail. 

I recommend applying the glitter rose gold first using the wet method. Just press out the moisture from the centre using a scraper or squeegee. Then add the remaining three colours at once (I sprayed the smallest amount of liquid onto the blank and lifted most of it off with a paper towel.

You'll find lots of instructions and videos on how to use the wet method for layered vinyl. Most seem to recommend using paper transfer tape, but I found it unnecessary on a project as small as this one and I used regular clear tape. For the spray liquid I used a mixture of baby shampoo (just a drop) and a small amount of tap water in a tiny spray bottle (craft spray size) and allowed the rose gold layer to dry before applying the other colours.

For the star ornament I used a duplicate decal of the same size but without the name and date. The star blank is the 100 mm star, also from Acrylic Craft.  I didn't bother with the downloadable template this time and just 'eye-balled' the placement of the image.

To finish them I just added hanging ribbons to both, and a bow to the star ornament.

I'm pleased with how they turned out and think the Rudolph image is adorable - great for all manner of seasonal items.  It is available from Sanqunetti Design with Commercial Use in formats to suit most cutting software (Silhouette Studio DE and above). Use code 'janet15' for a 15% discount.

26 Sep 2017

Fall Hedgehog Swing Card

Hiya, today I have a card combining files from two of my favourite designers.  The cute Fall Hedgehog clipart is from Sanqunetti Design and the neat Swing Card SVG file is from Simply Crafty SVGs.

 The clipart was resized and placed within the oval centre of the swing card. The panel pieces were filled with a digital paper by Cosmo Cricket. All these pieces were placed on to a single piece of card on the Silhouette Cameo's virtual mat and the Print & Cut marks were turned on.

This was then printed out onto plain white card. The cut lines can be seen on the paper on the virtual mat, but don't show when the pieces are printed as the line thickness is set to zero.

The printed card is then placed onto the cutting mat, loaded into the Silhouette Cameo, and the pieces are then cut out.

The centre panels are coloured around the edge with Antique Linen Distress Oxide Ink. Some of the colour is overlapped onto the base of the panel to indicate the ground beneath the hedgehogs feet.

The Card base is then cut from Kraft card. Here two copies are cut, one is still flat, and the other has been folded to form the card.

The panels are then adhered to the card blank, a sentiment is added and the card is complete.

The files are available now from Sanqunetti Design

... and Simply Crafty SVGs. The Swing Card is free, and there are also some more decorative shapes of swing card available too.

22 Sep 2017

Fast and Easy Halloween Notecards using Halloween Ghost Planner Clipart by Sanqunetti Design

I love, love, LOVE this Halloween Ghost Planner clipart from Sanqunetti Design. You'd be amazed how quickly you can use it to print off some cute note cards in the Silhouette Studio software. These cards are just 10cm square - perfect for quick notes and to enclose gift cards.

With the Silhouette Studio software open, just open up each design you want to use. The download includes both jpg and png. Either will work for this purpose.

Make your paper size the same as your pre-cut cards. My cards were 10cm square when folded and 10cm x 20cm when open. In the Page Setup window I made the width 100 mm and the height 200 mm. I chose this orientation because the cards pass though the printer more easily that way.

For guidance, draw a square of the size of your card front and resize and align your image as you would like it to appear on the front of the card.

Add text and colour match it to the design by using the colour dropper. Change the line colour to black and adjust the thickness to match that of the image. I used the Kraash Black font (free for Personal use only) from Imagex Fonts, colour matched to the image.

Group and rotate the whole group and position it onto the virtual mat.

Set the size of your card blanks in Print Page Setup. I had to make a custom size for these blanks. Then just send them to print ... easy! Note these instructions refer to using a Mac. It is a similar process using Windows.

The set of Halloween Ghost clipart images is available from Sanqunetti Design and the price includes both personal and commercial use. Use code 'janet15' to receive a 15% discount. Look out for regular sales too!

These clipart designs can be used for so many things - Halloween stickers for my planner will be my next project!

All clipart and SVG files in the Sanqunetti Design shop are 50% off for a limited time. That's in addition to the 15% off by using my follower code 'janet15'.

20 Sep 2017

Haunted Halloween Castle using Crafty SVGs Dragon Castle Card

Hello, Janet here with a new Halloween project. I've used the SVG file for the Dragon Castle Card from Simply Crafty SVGs as a starting point for this folding haunted castle.

You might have noticed that I can't resist changing things up a bit and as Sandy's files are so well designed and versatile they are the perfect for this.  Sandy's castle box card is great as it is, and comes with a super dragon - brilliant for all the 'Game of Thrones' fans in your life. Not only that, the file contains a bonus shaped card of the dragon in all his/her glory!

However, I needed something bigger so I enlarged the castle design and used two castles stuck back-to-back. Then I added some Halloween embellishments and the castle was transformed. I was so pleased when I realised that it still folded down. That means I can easily store it and reuse it next year.


Materials Used:
Grey Heavyweight Card in A3 sheets 240 gsm
Crackle-textured Background Stamp
Black Soot and Frayed Burlap Distress Oxide Inks
Patterned papers in Grey and Orange
Black Paper
Silhouette Glow-in-the-Dark Sticker Paper
Black Wink of Stella Pen
Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive
Dimensional Adhesive Pads
Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette 12" x 24" Cutting Mat

Files Used:
Simply Crafty SVGs Dragon Castle Card

Silhouette Studio Files:
Haunted House Accessories by Samantha Walker (ghosts) (#34010)*
Trick or Treat Halloween Banner by Emily Dyer (#97615)
Spider Web by Silhouette (#2954)*
Spider & Web by Sarah Bailey (spider) (#33514)
Bats by Lori Whitlock (#156856)
*also available as SVGs

Resizing and Cutting

I enlarged all the castle card components so that the biggest piece would fit onto A3 cardstock approx. 11.5" x 16.5". The file piece shown is roughly 8" x 16".  The I cut double the number of card bases, panels and door frames from the grey cardstock.  I also cut additional small towers to put on the inside of the castle.

Decorating the Card/Castle Base

I used black distress oxide ink to blend some ink around the the edges of the inside parts of the castle (parts not covered with panels).

Decorating the Panels

The panels were stamped with a texture background stamp. This is an old one from Personal Impressions (P765). I think it may be discontinued as I couldn't find it online. It's so long since I used a quality large mounted stamp like this, it has a real luxury feel to it!  However, most texture stamps would work, especially brickwork, stone or marble.

I then blended Distress Oxide ink around the edges with a mini sponge dauber and also lightly rubbed some Frayed Burlap ink over the surface to give the panels a bit of colour variation.

Windows and Doors

Using the panels as a template, I drew the windows onto the bases. On the front of the castle I added scraps of glow-in-the-dark sticker to cover the window openings (they will later be covered with the panels). As an alternative I cut out the windows on the rear of the castle with a craft knife and placed orange vellum over the windows.  I preferred the glow-in-the-dark ones, but the vellum is an adequate alternative.

Attaching the Panels

The window frames, flagpoles and battlement strips were cut from black paper, the flags from orange, and the roof pieces from grey patterned paper.  It is a good idea to made up the panels before attaching them to the base. Sandwiching the vellum or glow-in-the-dark paper between the base and the panels really shows the detail in the window frames off nicely.  The picture below shows the vellum version.

Card Assembly

Both written (PDF) and video instructions are available for this file and it is very straightforward to put together. I assembled both halves of the castle independently, remembering to put the rear panels on the inside of the card rather than the back, where the two castles are joined together. I reversed one of the castles so the towers matched up on each side, but it would look fine with them alternating too.


The two ghosts were cut from the glow-in-the-dark sticker paper, with a second set in reverse. I sandwiched a narrow strip of grey card between each matching set which was used to attach the ghosts above the castle walls.

I substituted the door for a glow-in-the-dark panel with a spider's web sandwiched between the two door frame parts.

The spider was made from several layers of black and orange card and mounted proud of the web on adhesive foam pads.

The 'Trick or Treat' banner was cut from black paper and layered with some orange paper behind and mounted above the door frame. A black Wink of Stella pen was used to give the black parts a bit of gloss and shine.

Finally, a few bats were added on the flag and in other random places.

Here is the castle in the dark with the ghosts a-glowing!

There are so many options for decorating this Halloween castle, it is hard to know when to stop!

Bye for now,
Janet, DT Member Simply Crafty SVGS

Blog: Crafting Quine 
Instagram: @CraftingQuine

Simply Crafty SVG Files:
Dragon Castle Card